Reflection Piece

It’s been very helpful to study these topics which are incredibly relevant to today’s media industry. I’ve enjoyed learning about convergence and the new business models of journalism. In many ways this is an exciting time, and the industry is as in much of a learning and growing process as I am myself as a buddying journalist.

Blogging is a very useful tool to learn how to use as a journalist, and something I’ve been struggling to master for the last few years. The one thing that always steams to stymie me is the content, and how to present it in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. The last few weeks have taught me a great deal about how to upload and share your site so it can garner the most views across the internet, and how to share it across social media platforms. I’ve first struggled to keep to a weekly schedule of uploading material, but I’ve learned that it is the best way to organise and structure a blog, rather than spastic¬†busts of posts. Thanks to this unit, I’ve been able to write up a plan for my other personal blog and have started posting more regularly.

Another tool I’ve struggled with using is Twitter. I know that as a modern day journalist, you need to be familiar with how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, but being able to upload constant streams of thoughts and staying p to date with all the profiles I follow is quite challenging. I’ve learnt that the trick is to choose the people you follow carefully and organise them into lists. That, and with the help of smartphone apps such as Buffer and Everypost, I’ve been able to schedule posts and interact with the twitter world in a more impactful way. Being able to masterfully use twitter whilst out in the field developing news stories is a critical skill to have as a new journalist.


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