How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism in the media?

Use of multimedia journalism is completely prevalent in today’s media. News audiences still expect journalists to present the news to them in a timely and informative way, but they also want to experience these stories across a wide range of mediums. Gone are the days where the same news that was printed in the morning newspapers would be broadcast on television and radio that afternoon. With the internet being such an integral part of our everyday lives, and the invention of smartphones and portable laptops, people now want to read, watch and listen to the news simultaneously.

Thus; text, photos, audio and video, graphics and social media, all work together to tell the same story, and each medium is used to present a different element of the story. Video and audio might be used to capture a piece of the action and some punchy one-liner quotes from important people involved. Photographs can help create emotion or set a particular mood for the story, graphics can be used to simplify or explain how something works. Text can be used to glue the story together cohesively, as the reader navigates the story their preferred way. This non-linear format of multimedia journalism is essential as it ensures that each piece of media is complementary to the overall story, and that nothing is redundant or not needed. Social media can be used to draw readers to particular news sites and encourage conversation and participation with the news. journalism photo



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